Warfare Praying by Mark Bubeck – Book Review

Warfare Praying by Mark Bubeck – Book Review

Warfare Praying by Mark Bubeck – Book Review

As I read the introduction to Warfare Praying by Mark Bubeck, I was getting a little uncomfortable. It’s because of this story about a young woman and her addiction and life choices. However, I’m glad I didn’t stop reading. What Mark tries to tell in the book and what came back to me every time he quoted an incident or shared a story was that the spiritual warfare is real and not to be taken lightly.


But the book goes beyond that. This book is also a guide to re-examine the armor of God, effectually honing out each piece of the armor, and appropriately suiting up for the battle.


Spiritual warfare is a daily walk, a consistent practice, a moment by moment readiness to resist every day that we live. ~ Mark Bubeck


Insights from the Warfare Praying by Mark Bubeck


Mark provides a lot of emphasis on Scripture memorization, meditating on the word of God and praying the psalms and other doctrinal passages from the Scripture. I liked how he reiterated this truth and importance of the word of God in defending the enemy. Because the enemy feeds and feasts on lies, and the only way to defeat him is with the truth.


When we memorize the word of God, we actually put within our minds the mind of Christ. That word becomes a helmet of salvation to the mind. If we are not equipping ourselves for battle by memorizing the word, our best weapon will be just out of our reach when we need it the most. ~ Mark Bubeck



Mark also goes in depth on the role of the Spirit of God in a believer’s spiritual warfare. He teaches about the person of the Holy Spirit, His mighty power and how to pray in the Spirit. “To pray in the Spirit simply means that we are being enabled by the Holy Spirit’s control to pray according to His word and His will.” ~ Mark Bubeck


Warfare Praying by Mark Bubeck


My Takeaways


  • Provided a deeper understanding of each piece of armor
  • Importance of Scripture memorization and its role in warfare praying
  • A prayer at the end of each chapter for the subject in chapter


This book is a great encouragement for those wrestling spiritual warfare and an awakening for others to the reality of it and how to better equip themselves for the battle. I’ve been encouraged to be more intentional in my Scripture memorization and praying the word of God.



Every reason you should get yourself a copy of Warfare Praying by Mark Bubeck and equip yourself for that spiritual warfare.



Photo by Andrew Yardley on Unsplash

Warfare Praying written by Mark Bubeck, was published by Moody Publishers in August 2016. I received a paper book copy for my honest review.

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I had asked on Twitter for creative ways in which you would incorporate Prayer in your busy life. I had promised a giveaway for the winner. Few people replied with their ideas and I am glad to announce that Meghan Weyerbacher is the winner a copy of Warfare Praying by Mark Bubeck! I will be featuring the ideas from the participants in a separate blog post at the end of September. Thank you for participating in the Twitter questionnaire.


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