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Lessons From JoelOur life at times is filled with guilt and ofttimes it wears us down and perpetuates futility in our thought system. If we carefully consider and connect the trail of events which lead us to this state of mind, we can be assured that the root cause is disobedience, just like the first sin. We all go through a phase of mistakes and consequences in our lives. But the inevitable part and the part that God emphasizes over and over again (several times even in Joel), is repentance and turning towards Him.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

This book discusses the vicious cycle of sin and the repentance in Christ followed by the hope and prosperity. It further encourages us to understand what it means to have a total dependence on God and to discover his infinite love.

God dispatched several messages and warnings to His people through prophet Joel. These messages hold significance even today, and helps us understand what a mighty God we serve, a God who hates sin and wants His people to obey and follow Him.

I discovered a God of second chances and His infinite love towards me! It helped me realize how weak I am and how His love overshadows me. I’ve come to realize that the ordinary and subtle events in a believer’s life happen for a reason and under the sovereignty of God. He teaches us through drought times, how to have a life dependent on Him. He enjoys a loving and trusting relationship with us, one that is built on obedience and dependence.

However, I still stumble, I still stray. I’ve learnt that He never lets go. He is waiting for me to just say the word. The word that I’m sorry. Out of complete submission, comes complete restoration and a bountiful blessing.

Join with me along the study of Joel and discover a God of second chances!

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